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Having different blogs for different subject areas means that I am a slave to them all. So if it's quiet here on my central hub then it's probably because I'm over on one of my other workday or spare-time blogs. As a quick roundup, here's what I've been posting elsewhere of late:

31 Destinations in Time – because it's not just about the place but the era in which you visit it. I've just posted number 11 in the series on Dumaguete City, capital of Negros Island, in the Philippines in 2007. The series also includes Bali, Iceland, Venice, Jordan, Slovenia, Paris, Gili Trawangan, Austin, Texas and San Francisco.

Subs' Standards – lately in my sub-editing blog I've been picking up on a few funnies that have made it through to publication. I also published my first guest post – from multimedia journalist Andy Bull on the subs-friendly art of curation and live-blogging. I'm now thinking of asking other sub-editors to write about their experiences of digital subbing.

Debauched Teddies – rounding up bad teddy bears from around the world. There are LOTS.

Katchooo Mix – a scrapbook of stuff that is relevant to my interests.

Flickr news – fresh up are holiday pics from Llangollen canal and the Isle of Purbeck, plus shots from Mostly Jazz Festival weekender who kindly gave me a photo pass.

Grant Thornton Thinking blogs – I help write and edit four blog channels for Grant Thornton UK on/about: business leaders and entrepreneurs, the high net worth community, international markets and boardroom issues. Recently I've researched online business networks in China, live-curated the UK Budget and set up a Scoop.It for female finance directors. I'm lucky in that the firm's online channels are open to exploring new ideas for business and financial content.

The Firehead blog – I'm also blog manager for this European content and comms recruitment company. They let me post LOLcats among the more serious business content. This makes me happy.

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  1. A good idea to do a round-up and I don't know how you manage to keep all these going! Let me know if you'd like a guest blog about the perils of editing for students – lines you don't cross and all that. No worries if doesn't fit in with what you want, though!

  2. Hi Liz – I think that would be f-a-b from an inspiration and an anecdotal point of view. Many of my sub-editor colleagues are looking for work from home and would be interested to know about other income streams, software required, the kind of issues you have to deal with in that type of work, do you rewrite or stick to proofing marks, how does it work practically (track changes? hard copy?). I liked your rates post by the way. Very interesting. Wondering how you decided on them – suspect you may be undercharging (sub day rates are around £130 basic) but maybe that reflects student pricing?

  3. I can certainly write something about the general experience, yes. My rates are based on the Society for Editors and Proof-readers suggested hourly rates, and then I charge half for the basic non-urgent student service – I started off working with students and there are a lot of companies out there ripping them off!

    I'll put something together and send it on to you – hopefully I can have a link to my blog too as that will give colleagues more info on exactly what it's like …

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