Happy new year – and 2011 in links

Looking back at 2011, I can't seem to recall much of what happened; a symptom of getting older perhaps? But I think it was a fairly positive one. According to my work diary and various blogs, these were some of the highlights:

January: Hired for Content Strategy Applied conference as a social reporter. Producing social and multimedia content for some of the world's leading content experts was slightly scary. Not quite as challenging as joining a hula hoop club in the same month, though. Also, delivered my first content strategy report for a client. Only 30 pages long…

February: The opera I'd had a bit part in was screened on BBC2. Was so excited I ringed all my appearances and blogged them.

March: Put in an offer on a house. Over five months later, I finally got the keys. Took up djembe, which was taking place in the next room over from hula hooping.

April: Desperate for a holiday but busy with work so ended up on three weekend breaks to: the Cotswolds, Liverpool and Ironbridge.

May: Represented Moldova at a Eurovision party. This involved wearing a giant pointy hat and bumping into doorways a lot. In other musical news, I got to rehearse with the ukenauts of Moselele at Highbury Recording Studio, where Duran Duran recorded a demo. On the work front, I had a eureka moment of realising what it is that I do.

June: Celebrated two years blog-editing for Grant Thornton UK and one year blogging for Firehead. These are the people who keep me in tea and biscuits. See Blogs for more info on work goings-on.

July: Annual holiday, this time down to Llangollen in Wales for a barge break followed by a beachy, family week on the Isle of Purbeck in sunny Dorzet.

August: Went to my first Hacks and Hackers meet in central Birmingham and learned to scrape data and create dataviz. Here are my first attempts. Also, went to my first Brighton Mod Weekender; tried/failed to do the funny northern soul dance.

September: Photographed many events, such as the Moseley Folk Festival and the long-closed-down Stirchley Swimming Baths where I learnt to swim. The big news was having my 25-year fear of flying cured in just two sessions of hypnotherapy, ready for…

October: … a learn-to-scuba dive press trip in Grenada. Awesome!

November: Bought tickets to a sporting event for the first time: the World Tumbling and Trampolining Championships. Which was cool but hard to photograph. But that was only the start of quite a random weekend…

December: Tried hard not to be ill for the third Christmas running – and failed. Being laid up with the sniffles has led to redoing this website and planning some exciting work changes in 2012.

Until then I wish you all a very

Happy New Year!

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  1. Enjoyed reading that! Have resolved to have a more interesting life so I can blog so good xxx

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