My favourite 15 photos of 2011-12

Every year, around the time of renewing my Flickr account, I pick out my favourite shots. I don't know if I'm getting more critical of my work, or not taking as many good shots, but last year I selected 75 for the final cut; this year it's just 15. So what's in them?

Well, seven water-based photos (eight if you count snow), two dogs, one swan, a flock of seagulls, three Petes, one Michael Grimes and a famous Berber. Two I included for reminding me of painters: a Vermeeresque hound and a Turneresque sunset. Two more are a direct result of Matt & Pete's Photo School. Enjoy the slideshow (or the static set)!

PS. I think this one is still my favourite. It speaks of spies going to secret rooftop rendezvous, or is that just me?