Day 12: Humming of the bird

Busy day for not very nice reasons but then a lovely visit from my long-time curly chum and sambista, Carinya, who is writing up a storm over on her Guyana blog, the Humming of the Bird. Go read it.

We took her on a guided tour of Stirchley's junior hipsterville-ification after an old-school Stirchley balti. To your right is the community bakery and cookery school, to your left the carpet shop gorilla, here is Drums International and its sister guitar shop the Music Exchange. There is the former Belgian consulate.

But nothing beat stumbling upon a chamber music performance in the P Cafe followed by a cosy cider in the rammed Wild Cat Tap micropub next door. We didn't even get as far as the Bike Foundry and Stirchley Wines.

Stirchley – more hipster than Moseley right now.