Day 30: The end of the beginning

My 30 days of blogging about the transition into a sabbatical is theoretically ending today, which is kind of ironic as I feel I've barely started winding down let alone begun, and annoyingly there is no one to invoice for all the work and admin. Maybe it'll all make sense in retrospect in the way you hope your diary will be enlightening when you get older and look back.

The first month seems to have been all about getting away from the home office and routine and sitting at a desk. Now that the holiday/travel disruption is over, I hope the next month will be more about relaxing and exercising and doing some creative projects, both random and planned.

Blogging daily has been a good routine but also it's felt like an obligation that's a little too close to being a web ed for hire. I'm sure there will be more writing here when there are things to say, though not with so prescriptive a deadline. It's good to check in.

One thought on “Day 30: The end of the beginning”

  1. I guess transitions are unsettling too, but am really looking forward to your writing that's triggered purely by creativity, both its joy and its terror!

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