Pandemic diary 22: A good last day for the Dude

Photo: Pete Ashton

Today Bunminster ate honeysuckle and long grass and dandelions and whatever took his fancy from along the grass borders and flowerbeds. There were also some apple treats and spring greens and dried flower mix. But mostly he ate grass voraciously. In fact he ate for much of the day and his weight went up from 1810g in the morning to 1895g at night.

He has started moulting – starting to get his mini viking/storm trooper helmet and evil villain eyebrow. In many ways he looks good, more filled out than usual. But still, not bad considering he is an old bun with balance issues and weak back legs, and especially considering the under-ear lump we discovered a week ago that that won't go away making his right lop-bun ear stick out further out than the other one.

Our original bun, who came to us in January 2013, spent a lot of the day with his third bunwife, Clem. They groomed each other and generally had a big snuggle in the warmth of the frisky spring sun.

We took photos – close ups, middle distance, long distance, family portraits, video – until he started to get annoyed that we were interrupting his lawn-mowing time.

We rubbed his head and ears and the back of his neck just how he likes it. Too many times. But not so many that we would tip him off in some way.

We spent nearly all day in the garden together, just hanging out.

Tomorrow we have to say goodbye.

Today I am thankful that Bunminster came to stay, and utterly heartbroken that he has to go.

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