Pandemic diary 31: Fish 'n' chips on the beach at sunset

Barmouth in the living room

The holiday psychology continues. After a 'golden hour' walk through Holder's Lane Woods yesterday, we popped into Dad's Lane chippy for a couple of socially distanced mini cod specials.

Then it was back home to put on this hour-long video of a sunset beach on the telly box and tuck in while listening to waves lapping in Japan and the sky turning fiery-pink. Modern life is amazing.

Groceries in the bathroom

Meanwhile in the bathroom… the groceries are in the bath disinfecting and the change is disinfecting on the sink. Modern life is hygienic.

All that rabbit disinfectant has come in v handy.

Thailand in Moseley

Meanwhile in Moseley… as if everything isn't confusing enough, I spotted a tuk-tuk earlier. Modern life is surreal.


Counter encounters

Meanwhile in Boots… the screens are up, although the assistant still had to handle the item to bar code it. So I sprayed it, me and the change in the car with my disinfectant. Modern life is screened off.

Life behind a screen.

Multilingual poster

Meanwhile in Kings Heath… saw this nice sign saying thank you in many languages to the NHS while waiting in a queue for the chemist. Modern life is multicultural.


…to everyone who replied yesterday to say 'keep on writing'. Daily blogging isn't easy and I am considering switching to more occasional posts, maybe with less fluffy bunnies after last week's loss of Bunminster. But then again it's the habit that keeps the diary going and if I drop it, it might disappear altogether. Will ponder. I need to apply this daily habit to my works-in-progress really.

Update: elderly friend had to go back into hospital briefly (non-Covid-19 reasons). This was both the best and worst place he could be but it's been weird to think 'AVOID HOSPITALS' when someone gets ill.

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