Pandemic diary 33: Tempers flare

Time for a calming bunny – I think this was Sweep from Fat Fluffs last year. Do you know bunnies can't really see ahead, so you have to approach them from the side so they don't freak out?

Walk through local park. Encounter friend and his son. Observe careful distancing. Step 2m off path. Man on bike cycles off path straight at and past me, presumably to avoid some other cycling or jogging path-hogger in his way.

"TWO METRES!" I shout.

"FUCK OFF!" he replies.


Apologise to the 10-year-old in front of me, who unperturbed and – completely deadpan – suggests responding with a chainsaw.

Today I am thankful to that man for helping me let off steam. Not really, he was a git. It's a good time to remind myself that I'm lucky – and thankful – to be alive.

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One thought on “Pandemic diary 33: Tempers flare”

  1. Well done, you! I have to admit I went out for my runs this weekend a bit on edge, as I'd seen quite a lot from non-running people about terrible runners and running friends about altercations with pedestrians. However, I'm still going out s o e a r l y and that's really helping, although also has the effect that I never get to see my running friends, even at a distance. Especially this morning, though, two fellow-runners crossed the road / into the road to give me space, and a woman who I did that for myself gave me a big thank you and a kind smile. I'd take the no running friends for the lack of altercations. And I'm certainly not bold enough to call someone out on their behaviour so I hope you made him think twice, in the end!

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