Pandemic diary 12: The conversation has changed

Bunminster (ears down, chill) and Clem (ears forward, ready to run).

"Do you know anyone with coronavirus?" I've been asked that question for the first time this week. Both times I was asked, it was because the person knew someone with Covid-19.

So the conversation has changed. The wave is coming closer. At some point most of us will get this thing. The whole point of the lockdown is to stop the spread but also to spread out the rate of infection over a longer term. Personally I'm happy to completely avoid it.

While I know people who are self-isolating with symptoms, they are not sure if those symptoms are 'it'. Some people can be asymptomatic. Some have a mild version. But for some, it's obvious I guess.

On the BBC News front page today every story is about this story. Except for one story: the election of a new Labour leader in Keir Starmer. What has happened to all the other news? It's like nothing else is happening in the world. As if all crime has ceased and this is now our only concern. Am I now petty to be thinking of all the single use plastic?

Today I am thankful for the music of Bill Withers, who died today from heart complications aged 81. Top 3 faves: Use Me, Lovely Day, Ain't No Sunshine. Apparently that long note in Lovely Daaaaaaaaay is 18 seconds long. Who hasn't tried to sing along with that?

Also, for young friend Baschti's amazing isolation videos. Baschti is 10 and made this with the help of his mum, dad and a few friends. (Sadly I missed the chance to join in due to pre-spud allotment prep today.) Got any ketchup?

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