Pandemic diary 28: The freelance life

Clem, the show pony.

I'm not sure a freelancer is ever on holiday but especially not when the economic situation gets shaky and could change overnight. One of the advantages of freelancing over being employed is that you generally have to be more agile when things change. The mindset is already there. Change is inevitable. Nothing is certain or secure. I've freelanced through three recessions in my life – and I'm hoping I'll get through the next one.

Surprisingly, work requests have actually ramped up this month. Communication is in demand right now as businesses try to communicate new information to their customers. Marketing also needs rewriting from a new point of view and tone. And brands still want to appear on page 1 of Google (perhaps for new search terms).

But I've also had a few tabs open of interesting things to apply for. Today I registered with an agency for freelance copywriting, put in a creative photography/walking proposal and scouted a few book publishing call-outs. I also found out I've got a job interview (when the lockdown ends) for some environmental work – I'll keep that under wraps for now so I don't jinx it.

So, yes, today did involve some forward thinking on freelance work, even though I'm on holiday. Also, I love being an editor*. So much more fun than being a writer.

*Actually if I had a genie in a bottle, I'd be reborn as a surfer, ballerina or hacker (now reading Kevin Mitnick's Ghost In The Wires).

Or I'd rather just sing!

Today I am thankful for having work.

Holiday jigsaw, day three:

Commission/hire me: fiona [at]