Pandemic diary 57: A trip to A&E

The granny at this house received a roll up hug in a box from her grandson for her birthday – and then she sent him one in return. Best lockdown window art yet!

When you're 84, the number of district nurse, GP and hospital visits most likely becomes a life feature. Today my elderly friend – who's son is locked down in London – had a GP home visit. The doctor wore PPE, I wore a mask at a distance and there was an examination in the sunshine in the garden, along with some jokes and laughs. But then, unexpectedly, the doctor decided that my friend needed some further hospital tests and asked me to take him in.

At A&E we were processed outside in the open air within two minutes. The nurse outside took his temperature and then led him to admissions; it was too risky for me to go in too. As I headed back I saw a sign on a post that said 'HOT MAJORS'. I'm guessing major traumas?

It was sad to leave my friend on his own. But I've heard back from his son – he is now on a ward and in decent form. Fingers crossed all will be ok.

So it's been a bit of a weird day. Work-hospital-work.

Apart from the side trip to A&E, I've worked in the garden all day. Pete built and set up a 2m square wood frame for a tarpaulin, which means I can sit in the shade and see the screen. I've spent most of the day fiddling with WordPress menus and widgets, and deconstructing a specialist SEO performance report so I can reconstruct my own report next week. Fun times in the garden.

Clem, our only remaining rabbit, flopped near me all day although not near enough to be patted. She is a lionhead rabbit and actually growls at such attention. She really is the perfect socially distanced pet.

Tonight Pete and I took a walk along the canal towpath – hopping into the cow parsley to escape joggers and cyclists – and then bumped into four (FOUR!) friends along the way. We stood metres away from each other and shouted pleasantries.


Today I am thankful for the NHS and my friend getting such swift treatment.

Also I'm grateful to have a good community of friends and neighbours nearby. And thanks to Julia for this photo of our lockdown meetup. 'Route5' is obviously now our band name and album cover – but what is our genre?

Route5 – out in all good record stores now!

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3 thoughts on “Pandemic diary 57: A trip to A&E”

  1. Well wishes to your friend!
    I am also finding that a short walk means bumping into friends. Must do it more often – I feel much better knowing you’re ‘safer’ talking outside than inside.
    Possibly allotment this evening – gorge sunset last night! Xx

  2. join me in the new genre that i just invented: Ambient Underwater Trance……….or as exponents of the genre will no doubt reduce it to: Harpoon Daft. yeah boi

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