Pandemic diary 43: Out of body experience and how are you doing?

Blue tit baby birds are now hatching on the WildlifeKate's live webcam:

I'm not sure I've ever had an on-the-move out of body experience before. It usually happens when I'm jetlagged or, once, when I did a Buddhist meditation and I was actually comfortable.

Today it happened when I was putting the dishes away and washing the roasting tin from yesterday's dinner. I could feel myself slipping slightly sideways as if watching my hands do their work from a different view. It was almost like the start of vertigo without the vertigo. Or a physical déjà vu or deja-deja vu-vu. Time is bending elastic. Maybe it was a slight shimmer in the force after yesterday's Star Wars day.

Anyway that happened.

How is everyone?

Physical expressions of lockdown stresses – insomnia, vivid dreams, near vertigo, tinnitus hum (from the quiet?) and now an OOBE. I'm quite excited to see what happens next.

Have any readers experienced anything like this?

How is everyone doing?

Today's exciting lockdown schedule

High-speed diary:

  • night of occasional insomnia
  • breakfast (Mad Men)
  • client work
  • lunch (Doctors, Mad Men)
  • walk on the dark side of the Rea again to see the den area
  • client work in garden with rabbit and husband
  • procrastination and productive work on travel micro memoirs
  • philosophical chat with neighbour over garden fence
  • sunset
  • folded pants and put away laundry (Konmarie lives on)
  • pesto pasta salad dinner shortly
  • and then, who knows!

I'm writing this post about four hours earlier than usual. Things could go crazy later. If they do, I'll maybe come back for a hot update. But probably I'll just watch a bit of telly, have a bath, read my book and go to bed.

Anyone else done anything interesting today?

Thanks diaries!

Today I am thankful for my diaries taking me back to Yogyakarta in 1997, a mystical and musical time in my life. At least I'm going on holiday in my mind.

And on Thursday I'm having a Zoom call with some Aussie mates I went to India with in 1996 – they have suggested doing some diary reading from that time. Which should be full of cringe! I look back in shame as much as wonder for the 20something I was. In some ways it is worse than teenage diaries for the array of naïveté on offer while still thinking you know everything but now suspecting you know nothing.

I wonder if this pandemic diary will be just as awful and cringeworthy but also kind of addictive to revisit in the years to come? The reality of most diaries is that you never do re-read them, though. Probably for good reason.

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic diary 43: Out of body experience and how are you doing?”

  1. An out-of-body experience: how weird and wonderful!
    Have ai had one? Nope. Have had an out-of-mind experience or two though.
    Seriously, I do feel that being in the present tense is optional. Perhaps overrated. Have always believed that a day trip to reality it’s quite enough, but one wouldn’t want to live there.
    Spend a lot of time in fantasy worlds, where the plot is better and the characters more predictable. Although the dragons can be little shits.

  2. I am doing so outstandingly well that I can't even face writing a guest post for a lovely person's blog. Hm. Today has been better than yesterday. I saw three nests today, too, on my run. That was lovely.

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