Pandemic diary 45: To the pub!

Drinking at home courtesy of the offie and supermarket wine aisles.

Have just spent two hours in the 'online pub' with a few chums. Seven people was a good number. People left by degrees to get food until there were four. The wine, stout and ale flowed, and the tone lowered by degrees. We talked in a roving way on topics such as:

  • how are you doing/coping?
  • how are your pets doing?
  • what are you cooking?
  • are you still working?
  • your glass is empty (live chat notification)
  • bereavements and people we know who have had Covid-19
  • politics
  • sex (inadvertent cleavage when adjusting webcam)
  • jigsaws
  • hair status
  • online schooling
  • Stirchley coops planning application
  • Stirchley cats
  • a rake through the foot
  • farting while on work video calls
  • state pension and what year we will retire
  • vibrating Prince Alberts
  • Deliveroo's economic viability
  • Logan's Run
  • virtual holiday destinations for this summer
  • how men like cold holiday destinations and women like warm holiday destinations

You know, the usual. It was nice to catch up and shoot the breeze. We'll probably do it again next Thursday.


Today I am thankful for Zoom becoming 'a thing' because I finally got to catch up with my Aussie pal Hazel with whom I spent a highly ridiculous year in 1996.

And when I say highly ridiculous I mean we formed a tiara-wearing easy listening punk concept band called the Pleasure Valley Tiara Girls, decorated our flat with astroturf, velour, Action Man dolls and Lovehearts, phoned 24-hour pizza places to help us make life decisions, and turned our flat into a spaceship to film a short movie called Space Babe that I believe was entered for an LGBT Berlin film festival, hence the BFI listing below.

I showed this film to Pete before we got married to give him an out.

Those were the days.

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