Pandemic diary 47: Virtual representation of real life

For non-rabbit fans, here is next door's Battlecat when he was a Battlekitten.

I'm writing this having had a major re-organise and tidy up of the office, followed by a big glass of red in the garden – you know that post-tidy meets alcohol feeling? Knackered meets sozzled? Ok so… that's where I'm at at 9.12pm on a Saturday night.

[Pause for dinner – salmon, mash and broccoli with a yogurt drizzle.]

Today's activities have mostly been about the virtual representation of real life. I went on a virtual foraging tour around Stirchley Park courtesy of Sustainable Life, who did last weekend's tree ID tour. My main pick up was Herb Robert aka Stinky Bob, which is the plant I'm always plucking out of the borders thanks to its explosive seed pods. Turns out it's a type of geranium and good for your kidney and gall stones.

This was followed by an online Sh'bam dance class with my virtual gym, the Uni's virtual sport & fitness club on Facebook. Basically this class is like Glee meets dancing around your living room freestyle. It got my heart rate up which is the important thing as I feel I've got quite out of shape in the past six weeks.

All this and the big office tidy up has made me feel like I deserve a pat on the back. Apparently Simone Giertz has built a machine that does this – I'll probably watch this later: I built myself a proud parent machine.

Following the 'big tidy', I'm thinking of putting out a bunch of stuff next weekend like a 'garage sale'. The tip may have reopened this week, but the charity shops haven't and there is a whole crate of books, glasses and various paraphernalia here.


Today I am thankful for... Pete. He's been struggling a bit of late with the shutting down of PhotoSchool and the furloughing from Loaf. His days have totally flipped – night is day is night, etc. But he has found a way to not worry and be happy the past three days. So I'm proud of him. We've had some good conversations and been supportive of each other – what more can you ask?

The blue tits have (I think) all hatched now. Here is a snapshot of both the parents delivering bug food to wide open mouths.

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