Pandemic diary 73: Amuselele

Psycho and the Delics.

Despite the RSI twangs in my wrists, I showed up to virtual Moselele tonight. To avoid a cacophony caused by lags on video conference calls, the ukulele group is playing along to pre-recorded songs from past sessions. Which means we don't actually have to sing and play at all if we don't want to.

Many were strumming, a few were singing, some were drinking, one was knitting. It was all very contemporary in its performance tone.

A toy accordion appeared at some point when someone's kid wanted to join in. Then a proper piano accordion appeared. So I went and fetched my Dad's old accordion. The accordion thing escalated quickly.

It was kind of fun to play an Irish tune badly to a backing track of REM. So I cast around for what other instruments were lying around and spotted my 1994 harmonica. Glen Frey's The Heat Is On never sounded so good!

Today I was thankful for the cool, soft drizzle of British summer.

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