Pandemic diary 78: Making your own path and vocab

If you were expecting one of those metaphorical exhortations to blaze your own trail, hack your way through the many barriers we face and ultimately find meaning from the journey, then you'd be wrong.

I literally made a path today. Where once was four foot teazel and couch grasses, now lies a flat, walkable path. I have blazed a fresh trail through the neglected allotment plot, hacked my way through the jungle and ultimately found meaning in a cold beer on my return. A beer or wine after editing copy just doesn't have the same glorious let-go sigh of happiness as a post-sod digging session.

I documented my journey along the path thus…

Before shot from a few weeks ago when the weed path was only a foot high.
Note dug-up couch grass and teazel pile in the distance also. The weeding never ends.
Cardboard layer – it'll last a few months.
Hay layer – et voila!


Speaking of a drinks after work during lockdown. Today I discovered the joys of new Covocabulary (hat-tip and thank you to Julia Catnip!). New vocab includes lockdown drinks at home called quarantinis, also known as locktails, often drunk during virtual happy hour. I kind of want to add coronawinos to the list (too tenuous?).

Others I like include:

  • upperwear – the part of your clothing seen on screen
  • covidiot – self-explanatory
  • zoombie – when you've used Zoom too much.

On there's also doomscrolling (for endless Covid-19 news), quarantine and chill (the new Netflix and chill), and Miley (Cyrus, virus). And today I saw pandemonstration and normstalgia under the Twitter hashtag for #coronaspeak. Let's see if my pun f(r)iends come up with anything better when I publish…

I'll file all this under gallow's humour, shall I?

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  1. when the cardboard gets wet a few times, and starts to decompose under the grass, that's the sort of environment that slow worms like. jus sayin

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