Pandemic diary 79: Violent tendencies channelled into growing food perhaps

Little white glove.

Hello! Anyone still reading after 78 blog posts? Hi sis. Hi Triz. Hi Hazel. Hi Liz. Hi Ray. Hi John maybe. I hope you like the headline – I thought it sounded like a cryptic crossword clue.

Five days in a row at the allotment now and I'm starting to get strong whatever-muscles-you-bend-over-to-pull-weeds-with. Those ballet pliés must be helping.

The violence continues… I chopped the heads of the tall grass, wrenched bindweed from every cranny, stood on brambles til I broke their backs, and hacked and raked the soil to a fine tilth (love that word). While others have been online shopping for mere frivolities, I've been looking at folding laplander saws and a heavy duty Mora knife. I need bushcraft tools on my overgrown plot. (I don't but hey!)

After the hunting and killing of weeds, came the gentle art of transplanting… three small squashes (including the top-named petty pan), three courgettes and six sweetcorn.

Earlier at home, I refilled the now-empty seed pots with soaked peas, nasturtiums, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, parsley, lettuce and marigolds. We'll see. I hold out some hope. How much? 9%. (Nod to High Fidelity there.)

Food growing and bushcraft are key skills for survival. Perhaps I'm subconsciously preparing for the coronapocalypse (see yesterday's post on covocabulary).

Moar beer!

In other pandemic news: Single people can stay the night with loved ones, PM says!!! What about the married ones?


Today I am thankful for getting to play football with my nearly four-year-old great nephew. We have to social distance but a garden kickabout worked quite well. If anyone has any other suggestions for outdoor distanced activities with someone under-5, please leave a comment! I'm booked in again on Friday.

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9 thoughts on “Pandemic diary 79: Violent tendencies channelled into growing food perhaps”

  1. Such a rollercoaster of emotions in this post! Better than a Dan Brown plot.
    It opens with the violent language of frenzied murder: chopping, hunting, hacking, raking. (‘Psycho’ track?)
    Then it moves on to calming, gentle, soothing handling of tiny delicate seeds and seedlings. (Handel’s Water Music perhaps?)
    And then a happy, child play ending. Phew! 😅

  2. I’m still reading too!
    It hurts that, apart from border controls, we are now without restrictions, whilst loved ones in my home country are not so blessed.
    Sending love as always.

  3. This Liz is still reading, too! But I'm all behind like a cow's tail, so only quickly reading the things I really want to read, but not often commenting.

  4. you sooo inspired me that i just invented a new word: allotmentalling ! eh? did you see what i did there?

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