Pandemic diary 84: The shops reopen

The Clem zone – her social distancing is measured in 'just out of arm's reach'.

The shops reopened today. I couldn't care less but the media seemed to be in a frenzy about it. I do need some sun cream but I think I sated my retail thirst by buying a bushcraft knife, folding saw and survival fire starter last week. I am a survival capitalist.

Going to cut today's diary short because it's been a strange day overall. Just let it be known that if you're going through hard times, and I can help in any way, please get in touch. (Don't worry, I'm fine.)

Today I am thankful for… hmm, tough one. Being a woman maybe? Let's just say I appreciate the female culture of gathering people to talk to and share problems with when they come. We all need a release valve at some point in our lives. And this has been an extra crazy time for everyone.

Thanks also to Nick B for lending an ear to me when I needed advice today.

It's good to talk, as Bob Hoskins said 25 years ago.

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One thought on “Pandemic diary 84: The shops reopen”

  1. I am not going near any shops although I did order some small men's tshirts online because I know how to live and live that life deeply glamorously. Hope all is OK. The easing of restrictions seems to be raising a lot of anxiety; but I have noticed that people are distancing better out on the streets. Swings and roundabouts, not that we're allowed on those yet.

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