Pandemic diary 85: To bun or not to bun? That is the question

Bunminster and Clem – and our previous bunny pack can be found on

When we lost our long time bunny overlord, Bunminster, just after Easter, we decided to have a break from getting another rabbit straight away. The animal sanctuaries were closed for adoptions during lockdown, anyway.

We knew our remaining bun, Clem Bundango, would need company at some point but it's been a difficult decision whether to hand her back to Fat Fluffs to find a new home – or to get more rabbits for us.

The reason is, I really needed a break from the endless routine of meds and older bunny care, and maybe from the general rabbit cleaning daily grind in general. It's been seven years. I was also pondering getting a dog, despite my allergies.

Finally the decision has been made…

And it's more rabbits.

Pete took over rabbit care so I could have a break and, though we still both want a dog, I need to test whether I'd be allergic to them in the house first. (I may be open to dog-sitting as a tester… if anyone is prepared to let their dog stay with us?) Or at some point I hope to have a more outdoors lifestyle where we wouldn't be shut in with dog dander and smells for most of the year. That's quite a few years away I'm sure unless I win the Lottery.

So Pete is back weekly volunteering at Fat Fluffs and keeping an eye out for potential husbuns for Clem, or maybe a pair to make a pack. My one condition is that they are friendly and can be handled. (Clem isn't – it's the lot of prey animals and rescue bunnies that haven't perhaps been handled or treated well.)

Today we sent our photos in to evidence our rabbit-friendly set-up. Fat Fluffs make sure their rescue buns go to homes with suitable environments for their welfare.

Next step is finding some friendly rabbits and starting the bonding process so they don't kill each other, Bigwig-Woundwort style, over Clem's home territory.

Pete took the panos, with me working away in the garden… Spot his lockdown response of a 2.5m high square window turned into a sunscreen.

So, yay, new lagomorphs soon!


To the family member who sent a Neal's Yard gift card in the email this morning. Very unexpected and much appreciated! Lemon and coriander deo, here I come.

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic diary 85: To bun or not to bun? That is the question”

  1. Big decisions indeed! I knew you were dedicated lagomorphophiles.

    Looking forward to the bunny selection process. Will it be similar to dating agency trial dates? Will there be speed-dating?

    Also, if you're possibly becoming dog-owners, the range of dogs that have low prey drive include:
    Japanese Chin
    Bichon Frisé
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Golden retriever
    Great Pyrenees

    A Great Pyrenees!!! :-))))

  2. I felt very worn out after our previous cat passed away as there had been several months of worry and then meds being done. We got our new ones too early for my liking but they saved Matthew's sanity. We went 2.5 months from losing Morgan to welcoming our new cats, but we'd started the process with them about 3 weeks before we got them. So I understand your issues. It helped that Matthew took over all responsibility on weekends and his day working from home, and now does weekends evenings and his day off. Good luck!

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