Blog homepages

Here is my digital portfolio: work, personal and fun.


Firehead Ltd – blog manager, social media marketing and strategy for Firehead, a European digital communications recruitment SME.

International Forwarding Limited – content and social media manager for an independent mid-sized freight forwarding and logistics company based in the Midlands.

Seven Content Marketing Agency – from 2009-2016 I worked across a number of accounts, including email marketing, SEO work, social media curation and live blogging, but predominantly I managed production of editorial digital content for Grant Thornton UK Insights section:

  • Business articles/insights on risk, financing, strategic ambitions, operations, wealth and the talent battle.
  • International and emerging markets.
  • Finance director issues.
  • Budget and Autumn Statement.


Subs' Standards – tales from the subs' desk and crossing the digital divide.

Tourist Vs Traveller – an experimental travel journalism blog. – life, work, career, music, photography is here.

Katchooo Mix – occasional scrapbook.


The Other Birmingham – a twin city travel blog for B'ham UK and B'ham Alabama.

Debauched Teddies – bad teddy bears from around the world.