Harkive – how I listened to music on 19 July 2016

I’ve been meaning to do the annual Harkive project and this year I’ll finally got around to it, albeit a couple of days late. Here is it:

I work from home. I generally wait for a bit of editing work to come in that I can do ‘with my eyes shut’, which allows me to have my ears open. Around 10.30am a piece on Brexit (the 50th this week) comes in and, to take the pain away, I flip on the mini amplifier that sits amid a bookshelf of comics in the home office. I like its little neon-blue glow – and its ironic surreptitiousness, given the racket it can make.

ampNext step I alt-click on my laptop’s sound icon. This brings up a drop-down menu of where I want the music to play. Thanks to the husband (family tech support) we can play music via wifi in most rooms of the house. I click on ‘Office’ and then open Spotify.

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Poster girls, GoPro debut and a sudden Total Eclipse of the Heart

Snowselele is the now-traditional Christmas singalong featuring Moselele (“The second best ukulele group in Birmingham”) and a chorus of around 400 drinkers at the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley. I was pleased to find myself and my sis appearing as poster girls for this year’s event (photo by fellow Moselelean, Sarah Aust). Continue reading “Poster girls, GoPro debut and a sudden Total Eclipse of the Heart”