Ein! Zwei! Drei! Vierrrrrr!

I don’t know what I can tell you about Birmingham Opera Company‘s latest – Stockhausen’s six-hour avant garde epic Mittwoch Aus Licht aka “Wednesday from Light”. It was an experience that was not wholly enjoyable and yet at the same time it was pretty darn great. I’ll let this video and these photos do the talking because I’m all out of words. Continue reading “Ein! Zwei! Drei! Vierrrrrr!”

Visit to a parallel time

Modern stories of Victoria/Chamberlain Square, Birmingham #3 – my final and favourite photo narrative started out as a warm up exercise to get my mind into gear. I went to find a distant, deserted corner and found myself in a parallel Chamberlain Square where it was sometimes impossible to tell what was real…

[Photos taken for stories class of Matt & Pete’s Photo School; next up: Spaghetti Junction photo walk and picnic on 29 July.]

01 Parallel time
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The Yellow Backpackers of Chamberlain Square

Modern stories of Victoria/Chamberlain Square, Birmingham #2 – the second of three photographic narratives focuses on a group of European students – I think from San Marino – colour-coded yellow by their backpacks. Where were they (location shot)? How did they interact with the environment? Could I get any sneaky close-ups? Achieved more of a documentary feel with this one.

[Photos taken for stories class of Matt & Pete’s Photo School; next set of pix will be from their Spaghetti Junction photo walk and picnic on 29 July.]

Establish Chamberlain Square location.

01 Yellow tourists
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Birmingham’s Blooming Town Hall

Modern stories of Victoria Square, Birmingham #1 – here is the first of three photographic narratives I, ahem, carefully planned today in Victoria and Chamberlain Square in central Birmingham, courtesy of stories week at Matt & Pete’s Photo School. They’re also running a Spaghetti Junction photo walk and picnic on 29 July, if anyone fancies joining.

Went for three different focuses, zooming out. Could also work in reverse, I guess. Hopefully it brings out the idea that Brum is not the concrete jungle many think it is.

Blooming Birmingham 1
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Snail slideshow

The endless UK drizzle this summer has some advantages. One is a rather lush garden. The other is the resulting ecosystem of wildlife that this brings. So today I decided to test out the ‘new’ secondhand macro lens to snap some garden fauna in the rain. Is it me or can snails be quite cute? Also, check out the depth of field from such a narrow focus – the backgrounds are beautifully blurry.

Abstract Birmingham

Photo School abstracts lamppost

This Sunday sees the fourth and final session (for me) of Photographing the City – Matt and Pete’s sociable, how-to photography course set on the streets of Birmingham and featuring a pleasant mix of arty/techy teaching, walking, socialising, photographing stuff (more egs below) and peer review.

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My favourite 15 photos of 2011-12

Every year, around the time of renewing my Flickr account, I pick out my favourite shots. I don’t know if I’m getting more critical of my work, or not taking as many good shots, but last year I selected 75 for the final cut; this year it’s just 15. So what’s in them?

Well, seven water-based photos (eight if you count snow), two dogs, one swan, a flock of seagulls, three Petes, one Michael Grimes and a famous Berber. Two I included for reminding me of painters: a Vermeeresque hound and a Turneresque sunset. Two more are a direct result of Matt & Pete’s Photo School. Enjoy the slideshow (or the static set)!

PS. I think this one is still my favourite. It speaks of spies going to secret rooftop rendezvous, or is that just me?

Photographing the Dachshund UN

Dachshund UK

The Fierce Festival is a wonderful art/performance thing that happens in/to Birmingham each year. But this year festival artistic directors Laura McDermott and Harun Morrison really outdid themselves with the promise of 40-50 sausage dog delegates attending a scale replica of the United Nations General Assembly.

The live art installation is by Aussie artist Bennett Miller – more info here… Wonderful to attend, amusing to watch and great fun to photograph.

Aerial Dachshund UN

The rest of the set is here: Dachshund UN.

Meanwhie tomorrow, as part of the Fierce’s Curious Sounds in Curious Spaces, Pete will be DJing his beepy 8-Bit Lounge set at the Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.

More strange events on their What’s On page.

Photographing the landscapes of Birmingham

Photo School Landscapes-23

So today was week two (of four) of Matt & Pete’s Photo School. Last month, we played with finding the decisive moment in street photography, this time it was landscapes and creating huge panoramic vistas using the iconic buildings of Birmingham.

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