I am a writer and an editor, mostly based in Birmingham, England.


Email: fionacullinan@hotmail.com
Tel: +44 (0)7816 222254
Twitter: @fionacullinan (work); @katchooo (personal)


The Subs Desk is where you can tap into my virtual production desk for content.

Current projects

The Diary – mining diaries to produce creative writing, extracts and experiments.

Mozilla Open Leaders Project – how do you engage a city of a million people on data privacy?

Rabbits – with 6k Instagram fans, Bunminster, Joy and Clem offer a daily slice of bunlife.

Photomontage – works in progress and finished pieces are posted to @editoriat on Instagram.

Microadventures – escapes from the comfort zone.


Fionacullinan.com/blog/ is a hub for all of the above, and a bit more.


You can also find me here: