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In 2018, I launched Observed City, a newsletter rounding up data privacy, art, tech and activism goings-on in Birmingham UK.

The first issue was published in March 2018 and the archive can be found here on https://tinyletter.com/ObservedCity/archive. It ran regularly for six months and then stopped in April 2019, because sustainability is hard. Occasional updates may still be sent. Sign-up here to subscribe.

Observed City was part of being a Mozilla Open Leader in 2018, learning how to work openly towards a healthy and open Internet and also provide a path for collaboration among a global community. The end documentation was a guide for people in other regions to help them kick-start their own data privacy projects.

Other outcomes included forming a collaboration with a local academic and running a data discussion group called The Interrogang over six months, and an open day featuring a data privacy exhibition at Stirchley Library in conjunction with Open Rights Group Birmingham.

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