Currently focusing on… – part-time sabbatical learning cybersecurity, Indonesian, Spanish, photomontage and interesting ways to keep fit. Also resurrecting my creative writing through a personal diary project. Read my sabbatical updates here..

Seeking help with – cybersecurity practical expertise and finding a writing mentor, particularly life writing, fiction created from these or text art – please contact me and maybe we can have a coffee and a chat!

Content strategy – what do you want your content to achieve? Content strategy has been an area of interest for me since attending SXSW Interactive in 2009 and producing my first content strategy in 2010. It involves carrying out an audit and analysis of your content before planning for future content creation, delivery, and governance needs. Examples of deliverables: content strategy report, content calendar, style guide, content templates, workflow process and governance plan. Read more posts on content strategy…

Content marketing /brand journalism – the way brands talk to their customers and targets changed forever with the advent of the interactive web. Hiring a journalist helps you tell your stories in a more engaging editorial way, encouraging customers to click more deeply. Read more about brand journalism in this interview post…

Web editing – the production side of online comms: briefing, creating, structuring, editing, SEO, linking, anchor text, alt text, picture research, image manipulation, legal checks, calls-to-action, optimising for various platforms, metadata, version control, sign-off, uploading, HTML, CMS, scheduling, quality checks and sharing.

Training/mentoring – because everyone is now a publisher and people need help with that, from context to approach to legal issues. I have also run workshops to teach writers and editors digital skills.

Copywriting, blogging, social reporting – I’ve been producing online content marketing for well-known brands since 2000 and corporate blogging, email marketing and social media marketing full-time since 2009. Now I’m more of an editor, overseeing the work of others but it’s still fun to create content and experiment with new tools, from curation apps to video editing.

Travel writing – since 2000, I’ve written travel features for national magazines, newspapers and online. Work, commission requests and trip notes are kept on my travel blog: Tourist Vs Traveller.