The day I was on the telly

So the premiere of Birmingham Opera Company's Othello on BBC2 today went well (see previous post for the lowdown on me running away to join the opera).

But while Pete seemed to be on camera loads – he's also posted about being on the telly – the sopranos always seemed to be just out of shot, and many of my finest tra-la-la moments have also ended up on the cutting room floor. I should have bunged the cameraman a fiver – or maybe even a tenor (geddit?).

Anyway, while Pete was grabbing his screenshots from BBC iPlayer, I thought I'd do the same – mine didn't take long. I think I appeared just three times in the opera, and once in the doco.

With Annabel in the audience participation dance number


I'm ready for my evil-eyed close-up behind Rodrigo


Running to get that applause!


Remember when I was blonde? (So 2009.)


Now go read Pete's post (that's him above) to read about how great we sounded. I totally second the goosebumps we felt at hearing the soaring sound of the chorus, even with the occasional Brummie twang.

The performance and documentary will be on BBC iPlayer for a few days yet. Here's Verdi: The Director's Cut and Verdi's Othello.

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