Following the North Cotswold Hunt 2012

Being in the Cotswolds at the start of the new year has been lovely and surprisingly mild and sunny. Today we happened on the North Cotswold Hunt – no longer of foxes but of a scented trail laid down just ahead of the hunt by a set of runners on all-terrain quad bikes. I caught the start on video, setting out from the Lygon Arms in Chipping Campden and we were lucky enough to bump into them again on a cross-country walk to Blockley. In a rather working class, urban way, I stared agog at it all: the hound pack, beautiful horses, clopping of hooves and the vivid scarlet jackets. I'm afraid I was quite impressed.

6 thoughts on “Following the North Cotswold Hunt 2012”

  1. Pageantry is always impressive and often used to disguise macabre acts of violence, such as war and school speech days.
    I do like the idea of laying a scented trail to b****r up the fox hunt though.

  2. Yes, Pete says they keep a fox in a box and smear it round the countryside to create a scent trail!

  3. I didn't quite say that… I joked that they get the scent by rubbing a cloth on a fox in heat which they keep in a shed. (I'm not exactly sure how the scent thing works but I'm sure those boxes had something to do with it.)

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