The Yellow Backpackers of Chamberlain Square

Modern stories of Victoria/Chamberlain Square, Birmingham #2 – the second of three photographic narratives focuses on a group of European students – I think from San Marino – colour-coded yellow by their backpacks. Where were they (location shot)? How did they interact with the environment? Could I get any sneaky close-ups? Achieved more of a documentary feel with this one.

[Photos taken for stories class of Matt & Pete's Photo School; next set of pix will be from their Spaghetti Junction photo walk and picnic on 29 July.]

Establish Chamberlain Square location.

01 Yellow tourists

Zoom in on funny balloon shot.

02 Yellow tourists

Document the lounging vibe…

05 Yellow tourists

Young love on top of statue.

11 Yellow tourists

Anticipate final Victoria Square action shot.

15 Yellow tourists

Next: #3 Entering a time warp.

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