Visit to a parallel time

Modern stories of Victoria/Chamberlain Square, Birmingham #3 – my final and favourite photo narrative started out as a warm up exercise to get my mind into gear. I went to find a distant, deserted corner and found myself in a parallel Chamberlain Square where it was sometimes impossible to tell what was real…

[Photos taken for stories class of Matt & Pete's Photo School; next up: Spaghetti Junction photo walk and picnic on 29 July.]

01 Parallel time

02 Parallel time

03 Parallel time

04 Parallel time

05 Parallel time

08 Parallel time

07 Parallel time

Please look for this other dimension of time if you visit Chamberlain Square. It's there somewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Visit to a parallel time”

  1. Nice work. I can see it presented as a large, make that very large, pentaptych with the lowest image as the centre panel with pairs of vertical images flanking it on either side. Five would probably work better than seven, although you have seven images. The other thing that occurred to me is that it’s “face time”, on a variety of levels. Thanks for putting these up.

  2. Thanks Dennis – for the advice too. I've realised I don't edit that well on a visual level – so I struggled to edit this down or find the right story angle. I've got even more pix unprocessed too.

  3. What a great set of pictures of the same subject from a very different viewpoint. Love what you have created here and it has given me food for thought for other buildings and locations that may lend themselves well to a similar interpretation. Great stuff.

  4. @Mark – thankyou! The PhotoSchool challenge was to go from the usual single shot to a series that talk to each other and form a narrative – it's strangely difficult but also makes it more interesting.

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