2013 in review – life

It's December 31st, thank the Buddha, as remembering 2013 (work, travels, music) has turned out to be a bit of an epic effort. Here are the headlines.

Diary app

I blogged a whole lot less this year but I did keep a diary app on the iPad Mini for the first time. The Day One app can only log one photo per entry, which is annoying, but otherwise it's been a quick 'n' easy way to record one's general goings-on. So what happened in 2013?

  • I wrote a will in January – something I'd been putting off for, ooh, about 10 years. Hardest part was choosing the funeral tunes. Maybe I should have put Madness's Prince Buster in there after all.
  • Celebrated our 4th anniversary in March with big food at The Karczma.
  • Got engaged on 13 April and marriage licence on 3 August.
  • Went to both Irelands in June/July.
  • Had RSI relapse in August.
  • Met the legendary John Otway at the Electric in September.
  • Went to Majorca, Paris and Brussels in autumn.

John Otway

Bunny love

Bunnies have been big news this year as Mr and Mrs Bobbin came to stay in January and then became Professor Bunminster Fuller-Bobbin and Lady Bunzilla Bartleby Bobbin von Thumperfoot, as we figured out their, ahem, true characters. They have brought with them many enjoyable moments and have generally been a very calming influence. They've also almost singly revitalised my photo and video mojo (see below).

attacked by bunnies

Getting engaged

Pete asked me to marry him. I said yes. Aargh! Eek! Etc! Here's Pete's write-up post-event. So looks like we'll be getting hitched next July. Aargh! Eek! Etc! In other news, I lost my engagement ring in the attic in October and found it again in November. Lesson learnt – never buy a ring in the summer when your fingers are fatter.

Pete and Fi in the garden

Hot summer

It was like 1976 all over again this year. It was so hot Pete made a paddling pool in the garden from an old tarp and various odds and sods lying around. So clever! The water was then used to give the whole garden a much-needed drink.

homemade paddling pool

And when it got even hotter we did the traditional urban thing and headed for the lido. Droitwich Lido has undergone a fantastic renovation and is thankfully heated, unlike ye outdoor pools of olde.

Droitwich Lido

Photo mojo

I'd somewhat lost my enjoyment of photography in 2013. But there was fun to be had via bunny snapping and Pete's activities with Photo School, from his micro listening walk (which generated a lot of macro photographs) to the fun of long exposures in the light painting workshop, from which:

Light painting spells  'Aargh'

I think that's about it. A good year all in all. And very much looking forward to 2014. To anyone reading this far, I wish you a happy, healthy 2014.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “2013 in review – life”

  1. Am honoured to be in your overview paddling 😀

    Love the bunnies, honeys (i.e. Pete) and sunnies features. And without getting too personal here, this was also the year that you were also a supernova sister this year. Thank you. x

  2. Dear Sis, The Aargh! at the end is for you. Wishing you a better year in 2014 in which you kick a*@e and take names, like a boss. x

  3. A lovely review – I know exactly what you mean about the engagement rings, though! I'm just about managing with mine but might get in a sneaky second smallening session when we go to order the wedding rings … Hope you have a fabulous 2014!

  4. Great roundup, and a great year. And it was indeed one heck of a summer that never seemed to end; the best since '76 for people of my generation 🙂

    Wishing you a most splendid 2014. Looking at what you already have planned, that looks a safe bet.

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