Poster girls, GoPro debut and a sudden Total Eclipse of the Heart

Snowselele is the now-traditional Christmas singalong featuring Moselele ("The second best ukulele group in Birmingham") and a chorus of around 400 drinkers at the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley. I was pleased to find myself and my sis appearing as poster girls for this year's event (photo by fellow Moselelean, Sarah Aust).

snowselele_posterHaving bought a GoPro as a wedding present to ourselves earlier this year, I decided it was finally time for me to wrest it off Pete and capture some of this legendary event in glorious wide angle. It was a blustery December evening so I duct-taped the Gorillapod-mount to some scaffolding but the camera was still lashed back and forth by the sail-like tarpaulin walls of the Prince of Wales garden. What was amazing was the ability to operate it remotely through an app on the iPad. But enough of words. Here's what you really want to see – a mass of humanity all standing on tables and belting out Slade.

But still my favourite thing is the requests section when, every year, 300 people randomly break out into that Christmas classic: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. A very Brummie Christmas.

"Is it bad that I look forward to Snowselele more than Christmas Day?" said one uke player, who shall remain nameless.

"Ukuleles! Who knew!" said an audience member with the biggest smile on his face as we were leaving.

That's how much fun it is.

Already I can't wait for the Moselele summer singalong in July.