Day 5: Edward Snowden and crab racing

A heavy mist enveloped Aberdovey until lunchtime (or was it cloud? – we are currently located up a very steep hill) – so the morning was spent doing something I've been looking forward to for ages: reading books. Editing words on a computer screen all day means the last thing I want to do at night is read more words. But now…

The Snowden Files
I spy… Edward Snowden

The Snowden Files by Luke Harding was a birthday gift a year ago. As a former journalist, I was fascinated as much by how the scoop played out as much as the content of the story. The Citizenfour documentary delivered Snowden's story in real-time, with the actual source and the actual journalists up there on screen. It offered an unprecendented insight into the state of the world's cybersecurity and surveillance, but also what it's like to be the journalists given the biggest story of their career. You should see it if you haven't already. The book is filling out some of the gaps and has me equally gripped. (I also have a cybersecurity course lined up.)

"Help me!"

A world away from espionage, we found ourselves caught up in crab racing this afternoon. I had no idea this was a thing.

A father and twenty-something daughter team had crammed their bucket full of crabs caught using a raw bacon lure. About 30 crabs were then dumped on the sand where they were to race at high speed into the sea. The middle-aged father seemed hugely disappointed that the near-suffocated beasties were barely moving and we were soon involved in a rescue mission to help the crabs return to the Dyfi estuary. Why do humans do what they do?

aberdovey beach
Just us and the seaweed

Aberdovey developed as a seaside resort in Victorian times but, heading into October, it is pleasantly deserted. Apart from mad crabbers and a few dog walkers we had the long, wide, dune-rimmed beach to ourselves. Hot walkers feet cooled in the incoming tide and then escaped to the hinterlands, across the dunes, over a golf course and train tracks, and finally to the pub.

mini dune
World of sand

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  1. Oh, the joy of reading whatever you like, whenever you like! I'm lucky that my work hasn't put me off reading; but then again I don't really edit the kind of stuff that I read for pleasure, fortunately. Lovely photos and a place noted to visit at some time out of season.

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