Day 1: End of an era – so what comes next?

Getting off the treadmill.
Getting off the treadmill.

After coming to the end, yesterday, of the longest freelance booking I've ever had (seven and a quarter years to be precise), I had a vague idea that I might blog every day for 30 days. Just to document, y'know, the end of an era and a major change of life. And because that's what a blogger/diarist/writer does.

It's a bit like being thrown off the merry-go-round – although not at full speed as this has been coming since February – but there is a very definite stop. And after such a long ride I'm not quite ready to get back on another carousel just yet.

In fact there are a few things that have been on hold since 2009, and since getting my notice I've spent the summer putting together some plans.

There's a list (isn't there always?) on Workflowy that is now up to at least a hundred items long. Some are obvious (oh how I have missed my travels); some enforced (time to get fit and undo some of the damage caused by my sedentary job); some are random challenges or things I want to learn (be a cool backwards skater, learn 2000 words of Indonesian); and some are about giving back (becoming a mentor, trainer, speaker,  or perhaps just a better friend).

I also have the beginnings of a list of people I want to meet and talk to and listen to, and invitations to coffee/tea have started to go out. After years of solitary working from home, I'm looking forward to making new connections and getting out there again.

Many people have inspired me to go on this new journey: Sam Underwood, who gave a PechaKucha talk on his intended sabbatical a few years back; Pete, who has been on his own journey to full-time artist; my mum, who launched a new fundraising career in her 60s; Paul Murphy, the Belfast/Brum musician and activist, who died earlier this year after a life extremely well lived.

Google Cardboard
Looking into the future.

Then there's Helga Henry, Liz Dexter, Nora Young (Morley), John Popham, Justina Hart, Jackie Pieterick and Candi Miller for their inspiring work and projects; those unnamed people who've been through or are currently going through such hardships that it's amazing they even get up in the mornings; and close long-time friends who, even today, still managed to come up with a few new ideas that may have me volunteering to talk at schools about working in the media and how to be your own boss.

Basically I'm all ears. Who knows what may happen?

So, yeah, day one of blogging for myself and putting some stuff out there. There are many plans, this is one of them.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1: End of an era – so what comes next?”

  1. Good on ya! You will never realise how wonderful time is until, you use it for yourself. If you choose to sit with a cup of tea and watch the clouds go by, enjoy it. Although, if its a cool backward skater you want to be, that might take a little more effort, but equally rewarding.

    I too have time on my side since leaving the Secondary School teaching environment. Funny! But my health has improved, I really enjoy that first cup of tea in the morning, plus I've found that after a few lessons (still on going with a girls Roller Derby team, concluding with bumps and bruises and much laughter) I'm on my way to skating along side Copacabana beach, with the sounds of Samba in my ears, looking like a 70s cool dude. 54 is just a number, right?

    So, yeah! Let us know how your getting on.

  2. I will Richard. Would love to meet you for a cuppa. Also a local road has been re-tarmacked, so if you wanna come skate, let me know.

  3. Good for you. Take rest time where you can because something always comes along to fill those hours even if you don't actively seek it! And the blogging thing is a great idea – blogging my first year of full-time self-employment was one of the best things I've ever done and launched me on doing something I never expected to do, too!

  4. Thanks Liz. I often tell people about how you set up your business and spread the news through your blog. Got a busy few weeks but will have to have a KH coffee sometime.

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