Pandemic diary 5: Lockdown life

Spring is here and it's bunny grooming season – here is a Fat Fluffs fluffball from last year.

Bunnies, bloggings, blessings… that's the drill.

Three notes for today:

  1. Sleeping. I got up at 10am after a long sleep. Medicated and breakfasted the bunnies, watched a Mad Men over toast and tea and then went back to bed from 12-3pm. It's been hard to mentally relax with coronavirus as a constant in the background. And I'm tired.
  2. Pandemic catharsis. Some people are using their skills to entertain others in Instagrams and watch parties (see dancers and actors in yesterday's end bit). But writers gonna write. Many writers around the world are logging the lockdown, giving the thoughts a way to escape and our brains a way to process this. After I did my own brief history of COVID-19, I was glad to see the BBC have done a roundup of the past few weeks, too: Coronavirus: The month everything changed. Meanwhile, this post –A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future – echoes why I'm doing this. I'm writing a letter to my future self in the same way this writer is posting a letter to the UK's future. We're looking back and forward at the same time.
  3. Dead badger. I saw a dead badger up close today. It is a large one that someone has placed under a tree at the roadside. It is beautiful and looks in perfect condition, as if it is sleeping. It's probably been hit by a car. With few vehicles about, wild animals are venturing further afield but with empty roads wild humans are speeding. (This was in a 20mph zone.) I've reported it to the council for collection. Death in black and white stripes.


Before the dead badger, a local corner shop was open and empty. I may have bought several bars of chocolate and a bottle of red to add to my Mad Men TV viewing lockdown strategies.

Also, I got to have a lovely video call with my youngest niece who is in Coventry. We haven't met up for about two years because life always gets in the way. And now here we are, talking about rabbit welfare tactics during a global lockdown. Strange days indeed.

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