New Year's Resolution – to live like a dog

Although 2020 was a sh*tshow and 2021 isn't looking much better, I still couldn't resist making plans in January. It's something I've been doing annually since my life got bent out of shape in 2001 and I ended up becoming a bit of recluse for a year or several (not unlike the past 12 months).

Proper plans tend work a lot better than resolutions and I end up getting v excited about the year ahead. It started with a Word doc in 2001 and has escalated to whiteboarding the crap out of my life, printing the scans and pinning them somewhere to keep me moving forward on things.

I've got my main focuses down for this year – walking, writing, health, collage – with a generous smattering of extras that occasionally threaten to take over the main courses. The first big thing is to get my '100 days of the pandemic diary' into an ebook format. I've never done anything like that before but I'm aiming to have it ready for the March anniversary of the first UK lockdown. (There I've said it publicly so… wish me luck.)

But then this exhortation from my vet arrived in my peripheral vision… to live life more like a dog. Now those are resolutions to live by.

So maybe I'll just follow this instead and ask WWADD (what would a dog do?) for life's dilemmas. Sharing on…

New Year dog resolutions