Pandemic diary 1: first fracas

bunny attack

I want to start blogging this because it helps me. I want to write to the future in a year. Because the world is about to change forever.

Today was the first day after strict coronavirus regulations came in for the UK that will enforce people stay at home, barring a few exceptions. It was a sunny, mild, clear blue sky March day. The queen bumblebees were waking up from hibernation with the rising temperatures. Already there were midges in the air. With the schools all closed, the neighbour's young lad was suddenly keen to talk with us 'olds'.

At 6pm I remembered the laundry. Two lots. I went into the garden and gave the rabbits a dusk run, which sends the little dudes crazy. In the distance – shouting from the street. I thought someone was shouting at to 'stay at home'? Then I heard two cries of 'help'.

I chased the buns in and ran through the house. It was a domestic between two family members across the street.

Maybe it's unrelated but everyone is cooped up with each other in 'self isolation'. Even the ones we love will drive us mad. Every day since the escalation of the pandemic, I've felt frazzled with a head that is full of information and warnings and social media stress and anticipation of worse things to come. Strangely, though, I feel almost no anxiety. It reminds me of grief and feeling numb from shock. Maybe it will come.

Today, I'm thankful to have a garden and a relationship with a fellow loner, who I can tolerate better than anyone for long periods alone.

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