February in-tray & round-up

Despite having a lovely website since Feb 2005, it started to feel limited in the last year. So, it's been on my mind to rebirth the site onto a WordPress platform to let me update more frequently and start to play with customisation and plug-ins. So, here's the final post from the old site's front page, for a bit of continuity and to find out, as Marvin says, what's goin' on.

January 2009 Latest news
New features up on allaboutyou.com on travel jabs, visas and 10 best wintersun destinations for 2009. Currently working on producing digital content for high street brands. I'm also sending myself to SXSWi in Austin, Texas, in March, filing stories for the Telegraph and writing an Austin destination piece for the Sunday Mercury.

Sept 2008 Turkey & Slovakia
From steamy 700-year-old hammam to snow room 'sauna' and -120degree cryotherapy chamber. Also feature up on solo women travellers at allaboutyou.

August 2008 Call me 'Two Blogs'
In between copywriting and web-editing, I've squeezed in a couple of new blogs on both journalism and travel: Subs' Standards, with tales from the subs' desk, and What to Wear Where, featuring the start of 'dress codes from around the world for your packing pleasure'.

July 2008 Trips, blogs & plans
Philippines 2007 trip – 'world's longest underground river' feature published in July (Metro). More recent trips include St Ives, the Scillies and Suffolk's Drum Camp.