40 best photos of the last tax year (2012-13)

It always falls in April, my annual pick of the best/favourite photos from my Flickr uploads. Like my tax return, I'm late sorting this year's out but here they are – featuring kittens, pigeons, flowers, volcanic Gomera and Lanzarote, a steampunk wedding, Spaghetti Junction, Loaf's Tom Baker, backward clocks and a dodgy looking fiancé in a fez. Slides below or Flickr set for scrollers. Previous years here.


My favourite 15 photos of 2011-12

Every year, around the time of renewing my Flickr account, I pick out my favourite shots. I don't know if I'm getting more critical of my work, or not taking as many good shots, but last year I selected 75 for the final cut; this year it's just 15. So what's in them?

Well, seven water-based photos (eight if you count snow), two dogs, one swan, a flock of seagulls, three Petes, one Michael Grimes and a famous Berber. Two I included for reminding me of painters: a Vermeeresque hound and a Turneresque sunset. Two more are a direct result of Matt & Pete's Photo School. Enjoy the slideshow (or the static set)!

PS. I think this one is still my favourite. It speaks of spies going to secret rooftop rendezvous, or is that just me?

My 50 best Flickr photos 2010

Ooh, just realised I can create a slideshow on Flickr. So while waiting for today's Traditional Edwardian Fete photo set to upload to my favourite photo-sharing platform, here are my top 50 photos (imo). It's a personal pick since joining Flickr in September 2008. And if you don't fancy the slideshow, feel free to browse through the 50 Favourites set on site, photo by gloriously random photo. 😉

For those who need a reason to scoot through, there are pics here from:

  • The desert where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed
  • The murder of crows in my local park
  • A haunted furnace in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Light-painting with an illuminated gyroscope
  • 24-hour Scalextric
  • Rice representations of human populations
  • Birmingham Flickrmeets
  • And neon No Farting sign in a pork ribs shack

And who should open the show but, natch, the lovely Pete Ashton, who was the one who pointed out how easy it is to do a Flickr slideshow. Full circle.