Microadventure #1: Alone in Kings Heath park at night


My heart was practically tachycardic as I entered the blackness. They (if they were there) could easily see me nipping off-path and slipping between the large conifers edging the park into the expanse of darkness beyond. I was banking on no one of cruel intention waiting for me there. All I wanted to do was to be able to see the full moon undiluted by surburbia's glow.

I've been walking regularly after work since last August, and regularly at night since the clocks went back in October. (Fitbit is my master, watching my steps Big Brother-style and reporting me back to my social dashboard.) Apart from the occasional jogger or convenience store shopper, the pavements are often empty; all your streets in B14 and B30 are belong to me, claimed under the daily tread of my orthotic boots.

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