Before you buy a bunny for Easter…

Bunzilla and Bunminster An Easter message from Bunzilla and Bunminster (and me).

1. Do not buy a bunny this Easter because they look cute and fluffy, or because someone lumped bunny and Easter together like puppy and Christmas. You all know what happens when the festive tinsel comes down.

2. Buns are a 8-10-year commitment and attract expensive vet bills as they may need an anaesthetic to figure out what’s wrong being prey animals who hide their ills.

3. If you are buying, adopt don’t shop. We have no shortage of bunnies and don’t need to encourage breeders. Wythall Animal Sanctuary​ already has a roomful of rabbit rejects so they will be brimming in a few weeks as people wake up to rabbit realities.

4. Two rabbits really are better than one as they groom each other, keep each other warm and bond in pairs. BUT select two that actually like each other; test them out at the rescue centre – or you’ll be paying for the aftermath of Bunny Fight Club.

5. Know that bunnies much prefer bananas to carrots – Warner Bros was WRONG.

6. All they need to eat is grass and hay. Obese bunnies are common due to wrong feeding, too many treats etc. Buns are perfect little lawn mowers. But don’t expect any other kind of garden to survive.

7. Don’t keep them hutched. Hutched rabbits get lung problems. They need daily exercise in a run or, even better, a garden area, and access to grass. Make sure your garden is bunnyproofed – they can and will dig their way out under flowerbeds. (But they will come back for bananas.)

8. Most hutches are waaay too small – the RSPCA recommends at least a six-foot hutch. Most pet shops sell them much smaller – and these only suit tiny bunnies. A bunny sits up like a meerkat so you need enough space for them to stretch up as well as out, or as Bunstagram calls it #bunnyperiscope.

If you can deal with all this, then buy away – a bundle of furry joy awaits. And rabbits are the new cats.

And then you can join in with the cool kids on Bunstagram.


Lady Bunzilla Bartleby-Bobbin von Thumperfoot & Professor Bunminster Fuller

PS. Once you get a bun, get this book which explains everything: Caring for your Companion Pet Rabbit.

PPS. Come find us on Instagram @bunminster_and_bunzilla for more daily pix like the following:

This is us during the recent eclipse, enjoying some apple bark.


This is where we live:


And this is how we play Bunny football!


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My new trip camera is an iPhone

GridRecently I sold my DSLR with every intention of replacing it with a new hybrid camera. Instead I’ve been pretty pleased with the output from my iPhone 6 and so, for the first time ever, I took all my trip pix using just a cameraphone. Here are some shots from our honeymoon to Iceland. Many pics are straight out of the camera or with just a little adjustment for the confused white balance of snowy landscapes.

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Poster girls, GoPro debut and a sudden Total Eclipse of the Heart

Snowselele is the now-traditional Christmas singalong featuring Moselele (“The second best ukulele group in Birmingham”) and a chorus of around 400 drinkers at the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley. I was pleased to find myself and my sis appearing as poster girls for this year’s event (photo by fellow Moselelean, Sarah Aust). Continue reading

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Oh Dear Diary – another step on the path to conquering public speaking nerves

I’ve posted a few times about my fear of public speaking so agreeing to read from my teenage diary at Oh Dear Diary, as part of the Birmingham Comedy Festival, involved yet another stomach-churning, leap of courage.

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There was a WEDDING!


There was a proposal, there was a website and, on 12 July, there was a wedding. And it was a rather lovely and, as Haircut 100 might say, Fantastic Day. Turns out looking like a traditional bride and groom was the last thing anyone expected of us… Continue reading

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25 favourite photos of 2014

This year I’ve mostly been using Instagram and taking pictures of bunnies. At the same time, Flickr has gone downhill with every action on there seeming hard and unintuitive. Still, I’ve managed to up my image total to more than 7,000… so here’s my annual pick of the pics, featuring family, friends, bunnies, holidays and lots of rocks.


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A few personal tips on using Storify for content marketing

Storify front pageStorify is a great curation app that has a lovely interface for producing content around a conference, a topic, a breaking news story, a hashtag or a planned article. On my personal Storify, I’ve used it to collect funnies, round up conference conversation, links and reaction, cover live news and, most recently, document the joy and pain of working at a standup desk.

Today I did an hour’s session introducing three digital marketers to Storify, running through some examples of how I use it personally and for the companies I work with.

We produced a Q&A as a test article, curating content to answer questions around taking up netball as a sport – see the embedded Storify below. But first, here are my tips I’ve gathered from creating content using Storify: Continue reading

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2013 in review – life

It’s December 31st, thank the Buddha, as remembering 2013 (work, travels, music) has turned out to be a bit of an epic effort. Here are the headlines.

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2013 in review – music

Much of the music in my life has revolved around the ukulele this year. There have been one or two other highlights but you’ll have to scroll through the Moselelovebomb to get to them.

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2013 in review – travels

Five holidays may seem like a lot but most were long weekends rather than week-long breaks. And only one flight; the rest were by train, kicking off with a 14-hour journey from Bournville to Derry/Londonderry.

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