fiona cullinan bodyboarding

A small but growing list of bucketlist and other challenges:

  1. Exercise regime: Surf fit vs ballet elegant
  2. Monthly date night
  3. Apply for a job out of my comfort zone
  4. Meet the oldest people in the city
  5. Sort out my personal finances
  6. Digital detox  from phone addiction
  7. Get three songs playable on guitar
  8. Digitise one of my old diaries
  9. Find all animals on social media called Fiona
  10. Round-the-world Google Earth tour
  11. Publish an ebook
  12. Learn to draw a rabbit / origami a giant rabbit
  13. Year-long photo project based on the colours of the rainbow
  14. Jump/dive off a high board
  15. More stargazing and celestial events
  16. Read the first chapter of all my unread books
  17. Recreate the weekend newspaper for the digital era
  18. Learn 24-form Tai Chi
  19. More sunrises and sunsets
  20. Splits challenge
  21. Independent toes – flex individual toes on command
  22. Climb a mountain
  23. Country to city solo walk
  24. Return to solo backpacking
  25. Be exhibited in an art gallery
  26. An Insta-fashionista for a month
  27. Birthday surf and bodyboard in Europe’s Hawaii
  28. Fuerteventura crater walk
  29. On becoming a Glass Room Ingenius
  30. Get up early for a week
  31. A wild swim and a very long walk
  32. Cornwall Bodyboarding Camp
  33. Nordic walking in the woods at night
  34. Alone in Kings Heath park at night