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‘Perambulate With Me’ – a series of walks and surveys – starts in Stirchley in 2020. There will be opportunities to help create, collaborate, contribute or simply join in walks.

Walkspace.uk – a new walking collective for non-normal walking in the West Midlands. Launched Feb 2020.

Stirchley walk series, 2020

  1. 10-minute Perimeter Walk – a derive featuring featuring community-mapped observations, an interactive exhibit which featured in Artefact's winter group show. [Dec 2019-Jan 2020]
  2. Goodbye Stirchley Coop – a last walk up and down the aisles of this iconic local supermarket. [25 Jan 2020]
  3. Dark Moon Walking – a night walk of Stirchley/Bournville borders.  Walk review: In conversation with myself. [23 Feb 2020]
  4. Full Moon Walking – a magical, mythical night walk around Stirchley/Lifford's waterways. Walk review: Reflections on capturing the moon [8 Mar 2020]
  5. Spring Equinox Sunrise Walk – a walk to see the sunrise on the single street in Stirchley that aligned with the sun rising over the horizon; also submitted as part of Blake Morris's scored walks for British Summer Time). [20 Mar 2020]
  6. Mapping Stirchley – walking the same streets over and over within a mile of home during lockdown results in creating a map of curiosities arising from extreme noticing. [Mar-May 2020]
  7. A Walk Around The Block – a distributed walk from a prompt/score by Blake Morris for the LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) First Sunday walk series, with walkers exchanging thought and images via WhatsApp. [5 Apr 2020]
  8. Messages in the Landscape – photo walks to find words within street and road signage. [6 May 2020]
  9. Distance Drift – Islands – a walking prompt exploring 'islands' in the local landscape, led by Sonia Overall, part of LRM's first Sunday walk series. [3 May 2020]
  10. Summer Solstice Walk – a small group walk based on a personally curated selection of pins from the Stirchley lockdown map of curiosities and extreme noticing. [20 Jun 2020]
  11. Drawing Attention – a walk and draw, creating ink drawings of pins from the Stirchley lockdown map for the Stirchley Tapestry. [23 Aug 2020]
  12. Walk the Skull – a small group Halloween walk around a skull laid over a Stirchley map. [31 Oct 2020]
  13. Stirchley Tour Guide – individual tours of Stirchley's must-see sights with residents of and visitors to Stirchley [Nov-Dec 2020]