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After attending Walking's New Movements conference at the University of Plymouth in Oct 2019, I shifted my walking activities into an art-walking practice. The result was ‘Perambulate With Me’ – a series of walks and surveys taking place in Stirchley in 2020 (full walk list below).

In February 2020, together with Andy Howlett and Pete Ashton, we launched Walkspace.uk, a new art-walking collective for non-normal walking in the West Midlands.


  1. Birmingham Dazzle Walk surveillance report – an art walk commission from The Dazzle Club – @thedazzleclub exploring surveillance in public spaces. [18 Mar 2021]

Stirchley walk series, 2020

  1. 10-minute Perimeter Walk – a derive featuring featuring community-mapped observations, an interactive exhibit which featured in Artefact's winter group show. [Dec 2019-Jan 2020]
  2. Goodbye Stirchley Coop – a last walk up and down the aisles of this iconic local supermarket. [25 Jan 2020]
  3. Dark Moon Walking – a night walk of Stirchley/Bournville borders.  Walk review: In conversation with myself. [23 Feb 2020]
  4. Full Moon Walking – a magical, mythical night walk around Stirchley/Lifford's waterways. Walk review: Reflections on capturing the moon [8 Mar 2020]
  5. Spring Equinox Sunrise Walk – a walk to see the sunrise on the single street in Stirchley that aligned with the sun rising over the horizon; also submitted as part of Blake Morris's scored walks for British Summer Time). [20 Mar 2020]
  6. Mapping Stirchley – walking the same streets over and over within a mile of home during lockdown results in creating a map of curiosities arising from extreme noticing. [Mar-May 2020]
  7. A Walk Around The Block – a distributed walk from a prompt/score by Blake Morris for the LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) First Sunday walk series, with walkers exchanging thought and images via WhatsApp. [5 Apr 2020]
  8. Messages in the Landscape – photo walks to find words within street and road signage. [6 May 2020]
  9. Distance Drift – Islands – a walking prompt exploring 'islands' in the local landscape, led by Sonia Overall, part of LRM's first Sunday walk series. [3 May 2020]
  10. Summer Solstice Walk – a small group walk based on a personally curated selection of pins from the Stirchley lockdown map of curiosities and extreme noticing. [20 Jun 2020]
  11. Drawing Attention – a walk and draw, creating ink drawings of pins from the Stirchley lockdown map for the Stirchley Tapestry. [23 Aug 2020]
  12. Extreme Noticing under Lockdown – video presentation of art-walking in Stirchley during the pandemic and presented at the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography (4WCOP) [Sept 2020]
  13. Walk the Skull – a small group Halloween walk around a skull laid over a Stirchley map. [31 Oct 2020]
  14. Stirchley Tour Guide – individual tours of Stirchley's must-see sights with residents of and visitors to Stirchley [Nov-Dec 2020]

Artist bio

Fiona Cullinan is an emerging artist working in analogue handmade collage. She is a founding member of the Birmingham Collage Collective with work shown in group exhibitions and publications. Her background in magazine journalism and copy editing drew her to collage where she explores themes of memory, diaries, privacy, feminism and ageing in her work. More about her collage work can be found here.

Alongside collage, Fiona has an art-walking practice and is a co-founder of Walkspace.uk, an art-walking collective in the West Midlands. During the 2020 lockdown she developed the Extreme Noticing methodology for exploring and redefining suburban environments, and continues her ongoing Perambulate With Me project of walks alone and with others.

She is based in Stirchley, south Birmingham.