Coworking spaces London #1: Google Campus review

Google Campus notice board titled Collaboration

I'm spending January in London for work. But my Fridays are free for random work, meetings and hopefully a bit of Friday School. So today, on Stef's recommendation, I tried out Google Campus and met with Andy Bull, author of Multimedia Journalism to chat about brand journalism training.

My one line review of the free basement cafe of Google Campus as a coworking space is: busy Shoreditch hipsterish beardy semi-friendly MacBook hangout with good coffee, lack of food (only two ham croissants left at noon) and superfast wifi but crap phone reception.

Here are a few pics…

The hipster bit:

Google Campus-7

Heads down:

Google Campus-2

Bookshelf (dev books with the occasional McNab):

Google Campus-8

Event space:

Google Campus-5

8bit ladies:

Google Campus-4

Free membership card (for basement cafe only):

Google Campus-3

Inauspicious, unbranded exterior at the back of Shoreditch/Old St:

Google Campus-1

Next up: any suggestions?


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