There was a WEDDING!


There was a proposal, there was a website and, on 12 July, there was a wedding. And it was a rather lovely and, as Haircut 100 might say, Fantastic Day. Turns out looking like a traditional bride and groom was the last thing anyone expected of us…

graffiti-and-flowers … while a bunny rabbit theme was totally normal.


Weddings are a ritual and a framework which you dress up with your own lives and people and funny ways. So here are some of my favourite one-off moments…

Gentleman Jim McQuillan scraping chewing gum off my shoe outside the register office.


A shower of homemade confetti petals from Mum and Dad's garden.


The royal wave around Gas Street Basin with all the shouted congratulations, followed by the slow-mo peacefulness of a two-hour narrowboat ride out to Bournville.


Three unique wedding cakes – a two-tier chocolate and white roses cake with bunny topper from Sis, a three-tier lemon meringue and raspberry sponge from Knead and a Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion fruit loaf from Loaf. The day was so emotional, even the cakes were in tiers (classic wedding joke that).


Did you know it takes 14 helium balloons to float an Ikea bunny around during the speeches. (Thank you, Young Spike.)


A Moselele wedding singalong – all the classics from Cockney Rebel to ELO – with glitched hearts and bunnies visuals by Antonio Roberts.


Best of all was celebrating with friends and family from around the world and around the corner.

And, of course, marrying the ultimate one-off – Pete – who duly tried on the dress and danced around the garden because "Well, why wouldn't you…?"

pete-the-brideDid I just Buzzfeed my wedding day?

Images © Matt Murtagh, Bev Hislop

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