Pandemic diary 26: On holiday

Clem came and sat with me on a cushion today, which is a sort of breakthrough. She is conflicted – she needs the company of another rabbit really but us humans are her new pack

Well, the first day of our holiday in 'Wales', probably Barmouth as that's where we went at Easter last year, was a classic washout with grey skies, drizzle and rain, and a nip in the air.

I barrelled further into the 'stopping work' crash and slept long hours and then went back for a few more zeds.

In between the sleeping, we thought about getting in the holiday mood by packing up the car and driving it around the block, or maybe shutting off the upstairs and pretending this was a holiday apartment. Really we should change the sheets and make ourselves a welcome basket.

For the full Fiona/Pete holiday feel, there should be endless tea, coffee, beer and wine, and limited local shop food options such as pizza, baked potatoes and tuna pasta. And fish and chips at sunset. And big books, most of which won't be read but will be stacked just in case. And tech set up for the music and movies.

Today I am thankful for…

My Cold War Steve British seaside jigsaw 'Harold' arrived just in time. It promises adequate entertainment. I ordered it on a whim back at the start of the lockdown during a surreptitious retail therapy session under the bed sheets late one night. Sexy times indeed, your 50s.

Looking forward to figuring out who all is in this piece.

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