Pandemic diary 24: Saddest video clip ever

Clem really is missing her Bunminster-boo.

Yesterday Clem lost her mate Bunminster. Today I gave her a soft toy dog because apparently it can help solo bunnies with the grieving process – and here's what happened:

Heart is breaking.

On a happier note, Clem has had a lot of fuss and is eating/drinking normally. She is a little subdued but she also did a dramatic bunny flop in the garden today – the equivalent of a human throwing themselves on the bed – which tells us she is relaxed. We wonder if a lot of her edginess was down to looking out for Bunminster, who was oblivious to predators (probably because he couldn't hear them with his blocked ear).

Her nickname is Cautious Clem – she can freak out at planes 20,000ft up – but we may have to change her nickname if her character now changes. Which it might. After Bunzilla died, Bunminster really came out of his shell and turned into a little dictator (he really wasn't good at being the boss of everything). We'll see what happens.

Today I am thankful for the NHS. At 8pm the neighbours came out to clap. For the past couple of weeks a nearby DJ has also set up to play a few lockdown tunes out of his garage. So if you were in the vicinity of Cartland Rd, B30, tonight around 8-8.15, you might have heard Don't Stand So Close To Me, Please Release Me Let Me Go, One Love, Happy and We Will Rock You, and you might have seen a local long-haired loon dancing on the street corner and clapping like Freddie Mercury. The cars beeped, the people clapped and a couple slow-danced on their doorstep to Tom Jones. Pete said: "That's nice, dear."

Last week Mr Garage DJ played the Neighbours theme tune. Same time next week?

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