Pandemic diary 50: A difficult day

My allotment at golden hour last night.

I can't really think or write much tonight. On our walk this evening, we bumped into a friend who is going through the biggest pile of life-threatening and stressful crap that the world can throw at one person at one time. And on top of that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place because of Covid-19 and not being able to go into hospital for treatment. But the thing that gets me is that they were still smiling and laughing at the size of the clusterfuck they face, in isolation and with no chance of even a hug. That, my friends, is some kind of true grit and I am as full of admiration as I am of upset.


Today I am thankful that the decisions I currently face are of the simple, non-life-threatening variety. For being able to celebrate another family birthday online and see the family. And for a hit of golden light at sunset.

Somehow this line of pigeons on Stirchley/Cotteridge bridge sums up today.

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3 thoughts on “Pandemic diary 50: A difficult day”

  1. Seriously awful. I’m still glad you went on your walk though. What awful crap there is in the world, but what a difference it makes when you share it with someone you know and they care that you’re going through it.

  2. @chris Yes, it was a shock. There are a lot of people affected by Covid in so many ways, without even having the virus. Nice to speak to you all after, even if I was a bit quiet. x

  3. I'm sorry to read this. I had a crappy day yesterday but not of that magnitude so I will count my blessings (had to be assertive with the man who has bought the house next door about his HUGE top floor extension; found out it's likely M will be going back into his office a whole lot later than we thought and we need to rearrange the house to make his working from home life more permanent). Glad you got to have a chat and hope today is calm and restoring.

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