In 2016/17 I took several OU courses in cybersecurity and started auditing the information I hold on my various devices. I also set up some basic security processes to try to address:

  • the growing risk of online information being phished, hacked, stolen
  • the lack of digital literacy in how to protect online information
  • the implications of data sharing and central files on citizens
  • the increasing push for and normalisation of government surveillance.

In rethinking my own digital presence and processes, I hope to better understand the trade-offs involved in using apps, online services and social networks. I love the internet but we don't fully understand how others are using/protecting and monetising our data because their algorithms and processes are often obfuscated.

There shall be blog posts as I try to figure this stuff out. A data privacy track and activism has since grown out of this.

Need help?

I'll be holding informal basic 'Infosec for beginners' sessions in Stirchley from September 2017, mostly to help consolidate what I've learnt so far. Please get in touch if you want to book a free session – I say free but a coffee and a hazelnut truffle would be nice.

Image (CC): DonkeyHotey/Flickr