Ein! Zwei! Drei! Vierrrrrr!

I don't know what I can tell you about Birmingham Opera Company's latest – Stockhausen's six-hour avant garde epic Mittwoch Aus Licht aka "Wednesday from Light". It was an experience that was not wholly enjoyable and yet at the same time it was pretty darn great. I'll let this video and these photos do the talking because I'm all out of words.

The Helicopter String Quartet, featuring the shrieking German counting of the headline (view the live stream recording):

Mittwoch Aus Licht - Helicopter Quartet

Real camels followed by an unreal one that dances to trombone, downs a magnum of champagne and pops planets out of its butt:

Mittwoch Aus Licht- Camels

A flying orchestra – and a chance for a lie down:

Mittwoch Aus Licht-Orchestra Finalists

An astronaut (following this final performance, we came out to the news that Neil Armstrong had died):

Mittwoch Aus Licht-Orchestra Finalists

Stunning choral dynamics in the World Parliament:

Mittwoch Aus Licht- World Parliament

A man with a plane on his head, er…

Mittwoch Aus Licht-plane

Karlheinz Stockhausen makes an appearance:

Mittwoch Aus Licht - Stockhausen

A final bathing in yellow during the Farewell:

Mittwoch Aus Licht - Farewell

Graham Vick and Kathinka Pasveer join the cast for final applause:

Mittwoch Aus Licht - cast

Verdict: Far out.

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UPDATE: More pix added above, plus here is how Mitwoch played out into Stockhausen's staged farewell which is bathed in the colour of the opera – yellow…