A baker called Tom Baker…

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-4

Today a baker called Tom Baker opened an awesome community bakery on Stirchley high street. Here is Tom (and, I believe, Dom).

There's also a cookery school and a community shop on site. Check out Loaf and Stirchley Stores for more info.

I'm happy to say I was first customer through the door.

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-1

That the sourdough I bought was very tasty and toasts well.

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-18

That the Victoria sponge made with Cannon Hill Park blackberries was delicious. (I love the conflicted look on this woman's face as she views the cakes.)

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-14

That the kitchen looks fantastic – I'd love to do a bread-making course here.

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-5

That THAT'S A LOTTA NUTS! (Ha! Snuck a Kung Pow reference in there)

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-17

More importantly, it's great to have a reason to head down to Stirchley high street again. I hope everyone will make this new venture an ongoing success.

Use your Loaf – keep Stirchley interesting weird.

Stirchley Stores & Loaf-10

Full set of launch day pictures are up on my Flickr, under Stirchley Village. More Stirchley stories are here.

And finally…

In other Stirchley wordplay news, I can recommend the NHS dentist a little further up the high street from Tom Baker the baker. She's a dentist called Mrs Bridge.

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  1. Awesome to see such a brilliant venture. Oh and the bread is so, so, good. The kitchen is so tastefull, well I have the same units…. The only down side? I don't live in Stirchley. The drive from Bearwood goes against my food miles, using car, policy. But the bread is worth it.

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